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John Maxwell, CB expert review Author

Firstly let me welcome you to the About Us page on the cbexpertreview.com website.  My name is John Maxwell, CB Expert Review Author.

CB Expert Review was initially established to provide in-depth reviews of Clickbank products. Since its inception, CB Expert Review has gained a commendable reputation as a top-rated product review website on the internet. As time progressed, CB Expert Review has expanded its scope and now reviews products from various other marketplaces.

CB Expert Review is a comprehensive source for product reviews covering many niches. I review products that are getting a lot of attention throughout the internet, both on social media and Google.

I at CB Expert Review understand for too long, review websites have been a passive and forgettable experience. Reviews posted without insight, understanding, or flair do not help the average consumer, i.e., YOU.

That’s why CB Expert Review is devoted to being different. Providing all our valued readers the precision, insight, and expertise they need to understand a product and make an informed decision. I extensively research the marketplace and review products from many categories, comparing their pros and cons and providing you with an unbiased and thorough review.

  1. - Product Background – Which Clickbank niche/sub-niche is it a part of
  2. - Who the Product creators are?
  3. - How long the Product has been on the marketplace
  4. - Pros & Cons of the products
  5. - Information on the funnel and the subsequent upsells with the product
  6. - Frequently Asked Questions 

Our readers get an unbiased opinion about a product along with a detailed review comprising of:

From health and fitness to self-help to survival gear and more! CB Expert Review will help you finding first-class product reviews that are clear-cut, upfront, and accurate.
CB Expert Review is the source you trust for the reviews you want.