The English poet John Dryden once said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

He’s right, and this quote can be applied to any worthy goal you wish to achieve in life – including raising your metabolic rate.

Doctors and scientists are still unsure why our metabolism drops as we age, even though our needs are the same. While a sedentary lifestyle and a loss of lean muscle mass cause a drop in metabolism, it still doesn’t explain why even people who are active in their thirties and forties have a slower metabolism than when they were in their teens.

Whatever the reasons, there are ways to elevate your metabolic rate. While you’ll not skyrocket it overnight, you’ll help ramp it up enough to feel better and get the benefits of weight loss and more energy.

Habit #1 – Eat 5 to 6 meals a day

This practice has been espoused by fitness trainers for decades. Eating 5 to 6 small meals spread throughout the day will keep your metabolism elevated.

This beats eating 2 or 3 large meals and feeling sluggish afterward because the digestive process uses lots of energy.

Habit #2 – Exercise First Thing In The Morning

You should engage in high-intensity interval training and give it your best. If you’re not in the mood or feeling lethargic, consuming a pre-workout drink may help to give you the boost you need to exercise. Training first thing in the morning will elevate your metabolism for the whole day. Your body will be burning calories at an accelerated rate throughout the day.

Habit #3 – Take time to De-stress

Stress is considered the silent killer of the 21st century and is also indirectly responsible for lowering your metabolism. Generally, when stressed out, your cortisol levels are higher… which leads to weight gain.

You’ll also be tired and less likely to want to exercise or be active. So, it’s best to take time to relax and calm down. Some people find meditation and/or yoga beneficial. Others watch comedies or go hiking.

The activity doesn’t matter as much as how it makes you feel. If the activity makes you laugh and gives you joy, it will help to de-stress you.

Habit #4 – Make Weight Loss A Priority

There is no denying the fact that losing your excess weight is one of the best ways to improve your health. The effects are so far-reaching that everything from your metabolism to your immunity and cholesterol level will improve.

You’ll want to be at a 500-calorie deficit daily to encourage weight loss. Reduce your carb intake and exercise enough to spark your metabolism. You’ll have more energy as you lose weight, and movement becomes easier when you weigh less. You’ll look and feel better.

Habit #5 – Load Up On Fiber

Eating foods high in fiber will cause the body to burn more calories during the digestive process. This is known as the thermogenic effect of food. So, daily consume vegetables such as broccoli, whole grains, apples, etc.

Habit #6 – Get Enough Sleep

Your body functions optimally when it’s well-rested. Avoid burning the candle at both ends and trying to get more work done by sacrificing your sleep.

If your body needs 8 hours of sleep, give it the 8 hours it needs. Trying to cut corners here will not only hurt your metabolism but also sabotage your health in the long run.

Habit #7 – Drink Sufficient Water

Dehydration has many negative effects on the body. Drink cold water intermittently throughout the day, and you’ll assist in boosting your metabolism.

The seven habits mentioned above are simple to understand but not entirely easy to apply, especially if you’ve not been paying attention to your lifestyle.

It will take some time to wean yourself off your bad habits – but if you do it gradually, you’ll increase your metabolism, and your health will improve by leaps and bounds.

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John Maxwell
John Maxwell

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