We’ve all seen dog owners who struggle to control their dogs. Usually, the owners are helpless and the dogs do whatever they want.

This is normal because dogs are pack animals and when they are in your household, they’ll want to be the alpha male. Yes, even that little chihuahua you own sees itself as the head of your household. Imagine that!

So, when they feel like they’re the boss, they bark and do whatever they please without any worry about the consequences. As the days go by, it gets even harder to control them.

Since most people are not blessed with Cesar Millan’s dog whispering abilities, they’re left to cope with their pet’s volatile behaviour.

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Over the past couple of years, a new product has been skyrocketing in popularity because of its effectiveness when it comes to disciplining dogs. Titled, ‘Brain Training For Dogs’, this course has sold thousands of copies and has rave reviews.

Written by a professional dog trainer, the information within is easy to apply and gets results in a short time.

Let’s see why so many pet owners swear by Brain Training For Dogs as the solution to end all misbehavior in dogs…

What We Liked About Brain Training For Dogs

  • What makes this system very effective is that it takes your dog through a ‘school’. It’s almost like your dog has to pass tests to graduate to the next stage.
  • You’ll need to grade your dogs based on certain tasks and how they manage them.
  • By taking this systematic approach and teaching your dog the simple tasks first, you’ll be building a solid foundation and discipline in your furbaby. The stages in this ‘doggy school’ are:
    • Preschool
    • Elementary
    • High School
    • College
    • University
    • Graduation
    • Einstein
  • The program is very detailed, but since it’s in stages, that makes it very easy to follow along to. There’s no guesswork. You just need to do what the guide tells you to do, and your dog will become well-trained and intelligent.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the modules:

  • Module 1: Getting Started
    • About the Creator
    • Introduction
    • Program Structure
    • What You Need
    • Clicker Training
  • Module 2: Obedience Training 101
    • Using the Lure
    • Sit
    • Lie Down
    • Take/Leave It
    • Drop It
    • Stay
    • Recall
    • Heeling and Attention Heeling
  • Module 3: Polishing Up Training
    • Fading Food Lures
    • Simplifying Hand Signals
    • Adding Verbal Cues
    • Hand Signals vs. Verbal Cues
    • Fading Continuous Rewards
  • Module 4: Brain Training
    • Preschool
      • Targeting
      • Look Into My Eyes
      • The Airplane Game
    • Elementary
      • The Treasure Hunt
      • The Muffin Game
      • The Ball Pit Game
      • High School
      • Jazz Up and Settle Down
      • The Bottle Game
      • Bobbing for Treats
    • College
      • The Shell Game
      • Open Sesame
      • The Magic Carpet
    • University
      • Hide and Seek
      • Look at That
      • Hot and Cold
    • Graduation
      • Leg Weaving
      • Serpentines and Spirals
      • Name Discrimination
    • Einstein
      • The Tidy Up Game
      • Ring Stackers
      • Play the Piano
  • Module 5: Closing Words
  • Beyond Brain Training
  • Printable Glossary
  • 7 Trick Training Videos
  • The creator of this course is a certified professional. Adrienne Farricelli has over 10 years of experience and is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. You’re in safe hands here.
  • With this system, you’ll be able to eliminate most common problems that all dog owners face such as:
    • Potty training
    • Dealing with aggression
    • Jumping
    • Digging
    • Whining
    • Chewing
    • Excessive barking
    • Impulse control
    • Hyperactivity
    • Ignoring your commands
    • And much more…

All these issues will be a thing of the past once you use Brain Training For Dogs to weed out these problems.

  • The product has a 60-day money back guarantee. If you do not see any improvement in your dog’s behaviour, you can always get a refund.
  • Besides the main product, you’ll also get many useful bonuses such as:
    • Access to a Private Forum
    • Amazon Discounts
    • Behavioral Training for Dogs
    • Tips on an Anxious Dog
    • Training Case Studies

What We Didn’t Like About Brain Training For Dogs

  • You can only purchase this product online and will need a credit/debit card to do so.
  • Some dogs which are adopted may have been abused before and be much harder to train. You’ll need to be patient here. Older dogs may take longer to learn too because their behaviors are set

Nevertheless, implementing the techniques in Brain Training For Dogs will still lead to an improvement in your dog’s behavior.

Should You Get Brain Training For Dogs?

This product gets our highest recommendation. It’s a bestseller for a reason. The information works wonders when applied.

Many satisfied customers have left glowing reviews of how their dogs became so much more well-behaved after using the techniques from Brain Training For Dogs.

Besides just improving the dog’s behavior, the program will also make your dog smarter because of the mental stimulation it gets.

You can’t go wrong with this guide. Get it and your dog will love you for it, even if it’s a little reluctant in the beginning.

Brain Training For Dogs is brilliant.

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