The time has arrived, a time you never thought would. Did you think that when you said “I do”, you would be asking yourself later “what happened”? Regardless of your marriage lasting 10, 20, or 30 years, it doesn’t make it easier.

After investing so much of your love and time, you may ask yourself: “What have I done?”, “Can I change?”, “Do I want to change?’, or “Can I win my husband back?”.

All questions that you deserve an answer to; however, after such an event, a cooling down period will be much needed.

A time to grasp what has just happened, and a time to reflect and look back to try and see where it all went wrong.

Let us jump right in to helping you determine what the problem might have been, and how you can win your husband back!

How To Win Your Husband Back In 8 Steps

  1. Do not become depressed and introverted, remember, you have to keep your options open for anything that may happen, such as reconciliation. Call him, ask him to continue some of his household duties, such as picking up the children—this ensures keeping him in some sort of contact.

  2. Send him a text or a short email to keep things up-to-date and current. Let him know that he is at the forefront of your thoughts, showing him you still care and are open to getting back together.

  3. Flirt! It won’t do any harm, and it’s a fun way to let him know that you are still interested in getting back with him and that there’s a real chance here.

  4. Don’t be afraid to talk things over with a marriage counselor. Talking with a counselor will allow both of you to speak your minds and share your views on the relationship.

  5. Take the time to really listen to him, and try to see things from his point of you. Don’t forget to flash him a smile!

  6. Reflect on your part in the marriage. Investigate if there was something you have done to upset him and find out why. Try to see, and more importantly, understand, why this was bad-tempered.

  7. Don’t let yourself go and immediately live in sweatpants. Keep your chin up, smile, and learn to enjoy yourself again. It’s super important to have your husband see you this way, prove how much of a great catch you really are!

  8. Take an interest in him. Ask him how he is doing, and if he needs anything; most importantly keep yourself open to hearing his answers.

All of those issues can be resolved, but it is up to you to find the answers, and to reason with your husband.

Be kind to yourself and also to him, for being too critical will keep him away, and neither one of you will want to go down this road again.

Be open and honest about one area where you could apply some changes in your life, and really look into the differences in your relationship to see if the culprit could have been simply negative vibes, or unnecessary words.

Keep texting to let him know how important he is to you, and that the two of you shouldn’t be apart.

An amazing resource is, Text Chemistry” by Amy North; an informative eBook with details and advice regarding decisions you need to make, have already made, and if they could be right or wrong.

Text Chemistry” is the perfect resource to learn how to send text messages that will help you win back your man, after all, that is what you want!

Remember, pursuing your man and trying to make your marriage work will not be an easy job, but you must go through some harsh times and reflection to see if you might have been the culprit.

If physical intimacy was the problem, and he made the decision to look elsewhere for it, you have two options: let him go or fight for him. Try to win him over by reigniting that spark that won him over all those years ago!

Return to your old self around him, and let bygones be bygones, you’ll have to learn to get over any indiscretions if you want him badly enough.

Always remember to keep the fire alive and don’t give up too easily, he should be at home with you!

If you truly want to have him back in your life, you need to make him feel that there is a chance—even a small one—that things will be better when you two are together and you will have a much stronger marriage.

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