Imagine this: you feel you are in a good relationship, in fact, you don’t worry about any problems for months on end.

All of a sudden, he is not as attentive as he used to be, the phone calls are shorter, the texts are less frequent, and you feel that something is wrong.

Naturally, you try harder to include him throughout daily life, but is that the right thing to do?

 A quick phone call or a few texts may seem harmless, but they could be making the problem worse.

 You could be setting yourself up for a major fail and will end up doing the exact opposite of what you were trying to do.

To prevent that disaster, you should read, “Text Chemistry, an informative eBook with details and advice regarding decisions you need to make, have made, and if they could be right or wrong, in regards to the world of texting.

Men can feel insecure and vulnerable at times, and need time to themselves to be on their own.

Being a completely open person can make some men feel vulnerable, as opening up is not something they can do easily.

Knowing this about your man, you will know when to push, and when to leave him be.

Instead of getting upset at him for not texting or calling, try making him feel good when he does call or text you.

Do not make the first call, as this will show him that you don’t need a phone call every hour, and you are able to cope without hearing his voice or reading a text from him.

By being positive and upbeat when you do speak will show him how great of a person you are, and he will feel better himself by being around you, allowing him to be relaxed and comfortable being vulnerable.

Do keep in mind, things may not work out within the way you hope if you find that you are not interested anymore, and of course, there’s the possibility of someone new being on the horizon.

This new relationship and new man could be something natural, you’ll wonder what you were so worked up about in previous relationships.

With this new prospect, don’t forget about the tips mentioned.

In order to get your man to open up and speak about how he feels, respect any alone time he may need to work through problems he may be having, be tender with him, and let him know that you are ready and willing to listen to the problems he’s facing.

All of this will not go unnoticed and he will appreciate you in the long run. Honesty, openness, and of course, all the God-given talents that come with being a woman, will entice him to get closer to you!

If your husband is drifting away, it’s perfectly natural that he would need some alone time until he’s ready to open up.

A lot of men go through this exact scenario, Including men who have been in committed and fulfilling relationships.

 It is up to you to stay calm, don’t push his buttons, and give him space and time when needed.

Communication is key, he needs to know that you are interested in his feelings and interested in making him feel better, by being by his side.

If he is worried about anything in the relationship, now is your chance to use the skills you have learned, and take some time to talk it over.

Apart from giving him time and space, it’s a good idea to try and spice up the relationship. “Text Chemistry” by Amy North is the world’s top-selling eBook about talking to men via text message and is a perfect lesson in creating a desire within any man.

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John Maxwell
John Maxwell

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