As if there aren’t enough challenges we face on a daily basis, we also have to avoid the temptation of larger than life sugary drinks, which appear in almost every aspect of our lives—movie theatres, food courts, our homes, fast food franchises, and more!

If their constant presence wasn’t enough, there are also more than enough types of sugar readily available to satisfy our sweet tooth! For example, brown sugar, white sugar, molasses, liquid sugar, cane sugar, and granulated sugar are just a few that top the list.

Aside from the sheer variety of sugar, we can’t deny enjoying certain sugary treats. A feeling of a deserved reward or the need for a sudden burst of energy usually has us turning to our old sugary friend.

Sugar is everywhere, from the cereal we have for breakfast, to the pizza we have for dinner, which begs the question;

How Can We Quench Our Constant Thirst For Sugar? 

The types of sugars mentioned above are what are considered bad sugars. Bad sugars are sugars that have been added as a means of flavour, which can really throw a wrench into a person’s diet.

Increased consumption of bad sugars can potentially lead to a high risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and a general feeling of malaise. However, with the bad, comes the good! There is such a thing as good sugar, which can be found naturally in whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

With temptation at every turn,

How Can We stop Craving Sugar?

The craving of sugar itself may actually be telling you what your body needs instead. Stress, overwork, and little sleep can increase our desire for something sugary; but instead of giving in, we can eat more protein, do a small workout (nothing too strenuous), and take breaks to have a healthy snack.

Doing this throughout the day will keep you topped up and will diminish your hunger while helping to avoid binge eating or eating the wrong food.

If binge eating is something you need help to overcome, or if you have relatively low sugar levels, a supplement currently on the market to help in this area, known as Leptitox, may be something to consider.

Leptitox is a natural supplement, FDA approved, and can be purchased online! The reason why Lepitox works so well is that it works with the hormone Leptin, which is produced in our bodies.

Leptin sends signals to the brain as to whether or not the body should store fat, or lose fat. At times, the signals can be quite intense which can send out uncontrollable hunger signals, leading to large quantities of food intake or binge eating.

Leptin also sends signals to the brain informing us when we don’t need to eat, and that the body is currently holding enough fat. Because of this, it can also be known as a natural diet and digestive aid when produced successfully within the body.

However, if our Leptin hormone levels become imbalanced, the rate of fat intake can be overstated through binge eating, resulting in weight gain. This is where Lepitox can be used to help regulate the Leptin hormone.

Leptitox counters Leptin resistance, which will improve your ability to suppress the cravings for high-sugar and fatty foods, resulting in you choosing healthy alternatives, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Another supplement currently on the market for sugar cravings is Glutamine. Glutamine is a protein to help promote nourished cells, and continue to build them throughout the day. Essentially, it is an amino acid, naturally produced within the body, and stabilizes blood sugar.

Lipase is a naturally produced enzyme within the body that breaks down fat to be used as “fuel” consumption, causing a weight loss effect. Using that fuel, it will keep the body’s energy high, encouraging the desire for a workout, a healthier snack choice, and increased resistance to overindulging in sugary treats.

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